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Is there a difference between technology service companies? Absolutely! Many larger technology service companies don’t understand or can’t relate to the challenges that many if not most small businesses face. In most cases they don’t want the business because each deal is not lucrative enough for their business model. That situation has created an underserved small to medium sized business market place in the technology services industry.


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Often small companies turn to local solution providers that often do not have the skills on staff to understand and align the technology with the business processes and goals of the customer. The solution providers can build out and support the basic tech needs, but fail short in being able to truly help the customer leverage the technology investment fully.

That is where Cybernetic comes in. We help our clients get more value out of their investments by aligning their technology investments with their business goals. As a small business technology specialist we bring big business thinking to the small and medium business market place.

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